Swords + YoYos!

Post pics with swords and yoyos. Simple!

Um… I find that sort of scary…

On an unrelated note, 100th post!

No, you still have 99. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unrelated posts don’t count.

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Your blade looks a little tarnished…

Really? Well that’s dumb…

hehe, that’s your 100th ;D

It is rusty. Bought it that way, it is a replica.

May not be a sword, but…

(Mods, if this is not ok, I’m sorry. I know guns can be a touchy subject)

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I should get my sword out…


But cool Idea anyway!

I6ify, stop it.

If you post pictures of guns on an all-age forum, little kids will know they exist. And then you know what happens? They buy them and shoot each other.


Awesome man!

What was that? Post more you say?

Ok, then!


Do it!




yes but one problem they have to 18 to buy a gun so a child cant buy and at that rate is call of duty games any better than that picture? i know see a bunch of shooting in those games :o

It’s extremely easy to buy illegal weaponry on the black market. All little Timmy has to do is pick up and the phone and call his buddy Razor. Razor sets up a meet and little Timmy gives him a bag of cash. In return, Timmy gets a 9 mil that can’t be traced and goes on a shooting spree.

So yes, the threat is real. All over the world, thousands, if not billions of young children are buying these guns and trying to reenact what they see on tv. Shows such as Cowboy, Cowboy, Shoot 'em Up, My Dad Works at a Prison, and How It’s Made: Child Serial Killer Edition. It needs to be stopped.

I feel a lock coming on ,so both of you knock it off.If the mods feel that it’s a problem ,then it will be solved ,but until then ,nothing you say will help. :wink:

Also ,would daggers work as well?