Sweet Bearing noise


Does anyone know how to get your yoyo bearing to get that sweet ring to it when it plays? Like Jensen Kimmitt’s wooly markmont in the ghost video.

Link here for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJKZY-rB7RQ


I don’t know if you can do anything for it to make that noise. Some of my throws just randomly start making that sound or they come with the bearing sounding like that. But who knows maybe there is.


It’s just the result of a dry and somewhat loose bearing. Some bearings make cleaner noises than others, and while there is some consistency, it’s not just brand specific, as there is variance in each brand. You just need to clean your bearings and run them without lube, and figure out which ones sound best yourself. Also, different yoyos have different sounds as a result of their designs, and again is something that you’ll just need to test out for your own yoyos.

Being a wooly markmont, it likely had an OD 10-ball in it, and when run dry and broken in, they can sound pretty nice if you like that metallic hiss.

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In some cases it’s partially because of the yoyo too, different shape rings differently.
You probably need a dry bearing to get the sound though, it may also depends on the ball counts (less usually louder) and every brand sounds different.
Personally I go for the least amount of sound and smoothness instead of certain sound, but the closest sounding one is a dry non-brand concave that I had on my DTI Beast.


Clean the bearing, play it dry.


I would think that living your life in monochrome helps.



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Also, the acoustics are different for every yoyo. No matter how dry your bearing is, it likely not going to sound like Jensen’s yoyo.


Gold plated bearings kinda sound like that.


Yes, that’s the sound of a OD 10 Ball… I love that sound. What I found to achieve that is:

  1. If you want to clean the bearing while you’re at it, Onedrop taught me (works best with OD 10 Ball) to get a cup with warm water and a little dish soap, put the bearing it in and shake it for 1-2 min. Then take it out dry it and let it air dry for a long period of time. Then add a little thin lube, and work it in until you get the sound.


2: Just lube the bearing with thin lube and play it through.

Do note that the same bearing sounds different in different yoyos… The centres track in my Blues sounds different than it does in my Chief, due to the design difference.


As others have said it all depends on which yoyo. The shapes and any finish are going to going to play a larger factor here than the bearing. My duncan raptor has a simple bell shape, so with a dry bearing it has a high pitched bell sound. My other yoyos, barracuda, triump, and bimetal sound muted.

I would guess here that if you want that sound, you need a metal yoyo with a thin wall. If it has the simple butterfly shape, it will probably sound better because it is closer to a bell shape.