Superyo Cruiser to teach a single one and half hour long lesson to kids...


As a high achool teacher, I am looking to teach a one off, hour and a half long lesson in yoyoing for children new to yoyoing and am wondering if the superyo yo cruiser is a good choice to have them start with.

I am considering buying 15 of these yoyos for the 13-14year olds in the class, most of whom have not used a yoyo before (other than the up and down ones that don’t spin).

I need the yoyos not to be made of metal for health and safety reasons and for them to be responsive I suppose, as they won’t know how to bind and perhaps this will be a difficult thing to teach them in one lesson.

Will the Cruiser be a good choice at £3(usd4.50) per piece. I am paying for the yoyos out of my own pocket so money is an issue.

Can the yoyo perform most tricks I could teach in one lesson? I’m thinking of teaching the basics (who can get the yoyo to sleep the longest, front mount, rear mount, trapeze) and giving them the chance to try one or two of the simpler intermediate tricks (double or nothing, rock the baby, Eiffel tower, brain twister, drop in the bucket, green triangle). Would the yoyo cope or just be too responsive?

I’ll be using laptops in the class with video tutorials so pupils can watch and try at the same time!

I just want to try to get some interest going.


I can’t say I’ve heard of the superyo cruiser but a solid learning choice at a cheap price would be the yoyojam classic. It comes with a slim bearing and rubber o rings. A tad pricier at $10 per piece but it’s hailed as a great starter yoyo by many in the community.


Yea just get a classic.


I’ve got a classic and agree it is a great yoyo for beginners, but cost is the limiting factor here. I cannot spend USD 150 on fifteen of these. The idea is that I I get the children interested and if they are keen, they take this hobby forward.

I just need something which is decent enough to start with, but cheap.


$150 USD is a lot to drop, especially on just 15 classics. I would try contacting Yoyojam directly. They may be able to give you a special deal as wholesale or because of what you’re trying to do for these young aspiring kids.
I quickly looked up the SuperYo Cruiser and I don’t think it would be the best learning material depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Old School Basics yes, more modern string tricks like Brain Twister, Mach 5, etc, no. The Cruiser, while being an oversized butterfly has a brass axle and I assume only that. So even though it is responsive and fits in your price range I believe it would be a knuckle buster and an overall turnoff.


Contact Yoyojam on buying Projams in bulk. I think they’ll sell you them at 5$ a pop.


Sounds a lot like a Duncan Butterfly w/the solid brass axle.


most of the time in these situations you can contact the manufactures directly and they will have not only better prices, but a good suggestion on what is the best yoyo for the job you are trying to accomplish.
Yoyofactory, Duncan, Yoyojam, and yomega would be the people who I would contact.
In the past I have talked with yoyofactory about it, and ben was more then helpful even though the whole deal ended up falling through, it would have cost me very little per yoyo. like somewhere around 2 bucks. This was some years ago so I don’t know what they have to offer anymore.


Try some Butterfly XT’s perhaps?


Thank you for so many helpful replies so far!

I have sent an email to yoyojam, yoyo factory and duncan directly as advised, and will be grateful for any advice or offer they can give me (i’ve tried to assure them i’m not a scrounger, just looking for freebies). I can’t ask pupils for contributions either, or to buy their own, so my budget is pretty fixed and I want to get the best I can for the least price.

I’ll be repeating the same lesson 4 times in the day (hobbies day), sooner 100 pupils will get a chance to see this hobby (most of them for the first time). I am really excited about it, as you can tell no doubt!


If yoyojam can’t help Duncan has great customer service, they would be next best choice to contact. The best way to follow up with a company who allows such a price change would be a video of all your pupils learning, just to shown your legit and that you’re grateful.


We’ll be videoing the children (only the ones whose parents have signed waivers allowing the school to take photos of their children) to present the ‘best of hobbies day’ in assembly, so the video will definitely happen and i’ll gladly share with the suppliers of the yoyos, though not the community in general as this wouldn’t be permitted.