Superstar series

so there is the OG Superstar, Superstar, and Bimetal Superstar. is the one with hubstacks the OG and normal?


From what I know the og superstar was the one with the hubstacks. There is also the superstar Pivot, which was a limited release through yye in black and in grey, blue, purple and red colors randomly in a mystery box. B grades were also made available later.



Original (with hubstacks)

2013 Superstar

Superstar Pivot

Bimetal Superstar

Then the whole star line is huge

The superstars I mentioned, 7075 og rockstar, ROCKstar 2012, New ROCKstar, Protostar, Northstar, Northstar Fingerspin, Popstar Old, Popstar New, Onestar Delrin (OG), Polycarb Onestar (New), Shaqlerstar (which is a modified Northstar), Starlite, StarBrite


The star series is one of yoyofactory’s biggest, probably right there with genesis/g yoyos, which also influenced a ton of designs, which includes the rockstar itself

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