Pivot Superstar short review


OG superstars were great back in the day. I liked the profile of the 2013 superstars (you know, no stacks, 7075 aluminum, 67ish gms) but the weight made them feel a little heavy for my tastes, and I don’t believe many had a grindable finish. And bimetal superstars are good yoyos… but they’re not really similar enough to the standard superstar to bear the name.

So, onto the Pivot superstar… I love this yoyo. It feels unstoppable. It’s nimble, kinda floaty, and plays fast. For a full-sized monometal that’s not very heavy, it spins long, smooth, stable, and true. It’s pretty much all catch zone, has one of the best grinding finishes YYF has ever produced, and fingerspins for days. Weightwise, it’s pretty similar to an OG superstar without stacks, which (to me) feels perfect.

I saw a couple reviews where people complained about the response being slippy. It is at first, because they have YYF competition pads that need to be broken in a bit. After they’re broken in, it’s smooth sailing. If you don’t want to wait, just silicone it, or swap for some different pads.

Beyond that, this is pretty much the ideal superstar, and at this point, my ideal yoyo. I can’t sing its praises enough. I know it’s not really high up on the hype totem pole, but this yoyo is a true player, and is reasonably priced to boot. So… treat yoself! You won’t regret it.