Superstar, FH2s, contact juggling ball, Rubik's, more.

All prices are shipped. Will make deals if you buy more than one thing. May add more stuff. Pics to come.

YYF Superstar. Yoga Flame. Not mint, but in extremely good condition. $72

YYF Velocity. green. Not sure which version. Great condition, just molding maks. $9

Duncan FH2 x 2. Both white and the new(recessed) version. One has a couple scuffs, the other is basically mint. $18

Duncan FH2. Green original version. Dye kinda rubbed off my case’s foam, so the green gets darker towards the edges. $12

Duncan FH2. Blue original. One side is sticker recessed by me and can fit a duncan pad. $15

Duncan Bearing King. Green/blue crown. Will include bearing tip, fixed tip, poker button, plastic button, YYF button, strings. $12

3" contact juggling ball. orange. has several cracks in it, but it makes for a great practice ball to learn new tricks and try it out. $15

5x5, 4x4(two), 3x3(two) Rubik’s cubes. I tried out cubing for a while, and iI don’t do it much anymore, it was fun learning the algorithms n whatnot though. Set of 5 cubes + Rubik’s twist and sudoku cube for $36

I have a bit of feedback on YYN. Username: TJaaaaay