FS/FT: DM v1, New Breed, Hayabusa, Assorted Skill Toys LF: Shinwoo Technos/Money

YYJ Dark Magic v1- Silicone in place of the o-ring. Pretty beat. Vibe. $16 shipped

YYJ New Breed- Some damage on the rims, but nothing too major. $23 shipped

Duncan Hayabusa- A good amount of scratches, but nothing that really affects play. Comes with two halves of another Hayabusa- $12 shipped

Hybrid Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball- Typical scratches and wear. Good starter ball. $15 shipped

Low End Astrojax- Scratches and whatnot from play. Same string that came with them. $8 shipped

Higgins Brothers Anti-Gravity Diabolo- Black rings on the onside from the string. Fixed axle. Come with 3 pack of string and wood handsticks. Good to learn the basics on. $15 shipped


Pics to come for the Hayabusas.
Its hard to see scratches on a CJ ball so bear with me please.
PM me with any offers. Offer anything, the worst I can say is no. :slight_smile: