Alright guys, this has me really weirded out, I think I may be in possession of a superpower. Now, I know that this sounds ridiculous, and I’m old enough to be skeptical about these types of things, but I really can’t explain this. It’s like ESP except probably more powerful, it’s just. Really hard to explain I guess. From what I have seen by trying this out on my friends is that I can input images to their brains, using my own. I know, sounds far-fetched, right. So I decided to try testing it. That’s why you are here. I am going to try to implant my own thoughts into your mind. Potato. Did you guys picture a potato? I’m really freaked out, so tell me if my thoughts were somehow mended with yours. Thanks guys.

Nah didnt see a potato

wow that was crazy when u said potato i totally saw a potato :o :o :o

at first i was like wow how do you do that? but then when you said Potato. Did you guys picture a potato? i was like -__-

Same thing for me. :smiley:

You only said potato to throw people off didn’t you?
You implanted unspeakable images in my head. And I am somewhat displeased…I think. Maybe.

You saw them too then. This is just what I thought would happen! Did you see the unforgivable desire? If you did, it proves that I have superpowers.

See it? I LIVED it. I fear superpowers may be an understatement.

should we start worshiping and bowing down now, Oh great mystical Q?

I think I may be god.

OMG! I saw the potato!!

LOL? I think I’m developing a sixth sense though… because I know Q’s gonna send me an image of a flower next.

EDIT: Yep!

Apple pie

I may as well have superpowers… I tend to make people angry or annoyed with 5 little words…

I just lost the game…

its not a superpower its a normal thing see the thing is the we were reading an focusing but then by interrupting the story saying something that got nuttin to do with the whole idea if u know what i mean :wink:

Ever have the feeling the teacher’s gonna call on you and they do? Or the ball’s coming at you and it does? (V-ball) Or you try to call someone, but someone calls you first and it’s that someone? Or you think about a song and it’s on the radio? 6th sense of sorts… more of premonition, but it works for me. Like I wake up… and I just think “it’s a bad day” and something happens. Like once I thought that, and I ended up getting pushed by a canoe and scraping my shin until you can see the nerves.