A paraphrase of an actual conversation I had earlier…

Welcome to Higher Dollar Burger Joint, may I take your order

Yes, I’ll take the #6 combo, but can I get a baked potato in lieu of the fries?

Alright, do you want the small, medium or large?

Hmmm, oh give me the large.

Wait, was that the #5 combo?

No, the #6

Did you want a small, medium or large drink with that?

Well what differentiates the small, medium or large combos from one another?

The size of the drink.

Okay, so I ordered the large #6 combo.

Yes, I have that, now what size drink did you want with that?

If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’

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Well, it was a she. And when I got to the window I found her to be a rather cute she at that. I think the baked potato substitution threw her because ordinarily the large combo would include a large drink and a large fries. Since I threw out the fries for my potato, and there is no small, medium or large potato, just a potato, the whole thing went running off the tracks for her.

I didn’t want to insult anyone!

Flol hahaha i’ve had something like that happen before.