Supernova Lite or Rockstar 2012

Whick is better in overall performance Supernova Lite or Rockstar 2012?

well in my experiences with those two throws, the rockstar has played better, but it might also be that i dont like “lite” throws, i like the ones when you throw it, you know its there.
In overall play, i would go for the rockstar, but if you like lite throws, go for the supernova.

Rockstar 2012 > Supernova Light. The Supernova Light is good…but the Rockstar 2012 plays a lot better in my opinion.

I have both and would recommend the Rockstar 2012 the Rockstar is much more stable and better at horizontal play but, the one problem is that it is heavy as a rock (no pun intended) and isnt the fastest yoyo around

The supernova lite is more smooth and rather lite for my taste it is really good at going fast and 5a