Superman help

Hi. I need help regarding the trick superman. I can’t seem to get the string to reject on the part with the rejection. Any tips?

Also, near the beginning, when already at the wrist mount, do i pop away from me or towards me into the loop opened by the throwhan? (if that made any sense)

Here is how to do Superman and it shows all of the string segments clearly with written/illustrated instruction

Below you will find 2 video tutorials.

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Thanks! I was already looking at the two videos, but I’ll be looking again at them along with the sector y link!


The two videos in this thread are what I’m using as well, along with this one by Jason Lee himself:

Note that in the one, there’s a slight variation-- Lee doesn’t land on both strings; I’m going to stick to the way Lee does it for obvious reasons… regardless of that discrepancy it addresses the problem I’m having: I cannot get that rejection! I’m looking for help in a couple of ways:

  1. Are there some yoyos that are more helpful for this kind of rejection? My intuition tells me that an undersized “V” like the Supra might make it easier, but I don’t really know for sure. For all I know, organics or H-shaped are the way to go.

  2. Beyond watching in slow-mo a bazillion times to see what the players do, any recommendations or pointers for hand position, swing strength, and “aiming”? I don’t see Lee change his throwhand position, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just always in the right place for that rejection to happen.

So i dont know if you already got it but i learned this trick a few days ago.
with the first hop i go out to the front, and then through the triangle back on to the string.
and the rejection isnt that hard in my opinion, do the double on (2 undercuts from the wrist mount) swing of the double on (leaving you with 1 undercut, and use that momentum from coming back to get over you TH and just hit “anything” you can correct the string you on by another little hop.
to help it reject i just go over with as much momentum as possible, and i tilt my TH a little bit to the left to help it along.
that worked for me pretty well, like the trick good luck
hope it helped and it wasnt too confusing^^

Nope, haven’t landed it yet… just posted this not too long ago!

That does help a little… especially the “land on anything and then correct it” which made me chuckle a bit… but it’s true! If you can get the rejection, just land on anything… you can always work on improving it or getting it “canonical” from there. :wink:

yup, i actually dont think it looks worse of you dont hit the bottom string at first, getting another small hop in there doesnt hurt in my opinion, if you do it smoothly it looks like it has to be that way :wink:

The rejection has been giving me issues also guys. Even tho I can do magic drop all the time, the landing on this one always leaves me with a gas face :no_mouth:. Gonna try again all day today lol

okay, i just looked at how i do it closely.
so when i go over and dont do anything it doesnt reject immediatly, but when you go over you will see a string segment coming from under the yoyo… thats the one that wants to come of actually, so i push it down with my thumb slightly, wich pops it out and rejects, i do that in one fluid motion.

the rejection never was a problem for me actually but i think that might help

Thanks, BeneTan. Which thumb are you pressing down with? I’m guessing the NTH?

Tried for a while today (using the Supra!) and I could get it to reject a few times, but at the wrong moment and in such a sloppy way that I couldn’t hit any strings and spun out almost immediately.

I wonder if I should rig up a yoyo with a longer string than I usually use. Even with the rejection, coming all the way around that hand doesn’t leave much string to land on. Once I get the trick down, I can focus on doing it with my usual string length.


Actually, was just re-watching the Slusny tutorial by Vasek, and he uses his NTH fingers to help-- hooks the string and pulls it towards his body. I probably guessed right with your thumb suggestion: he’s doing the same thing but with fingers instead of thumb. I can see which one feels more natural for me. He’s also only going over 2 fingers… and then sliding his hand back in during the pop. I’d like to do it fully Jason Lee style (for no good reason other than it’s Jason Lee) but I can dig this modification for now if it ends up being helpful.

Man. What NONE of the tutorials tell you is about the NTH finger/thumb switcheroo you have to do for that last crazy “flip up through the triangle” move. It’s especially bad for the YoyoNation/ one in which the narrator says “Swing the yoyo through the opening, and land again on the bottom string.”

A simple, “Watch how the thumb must be positioned so that you don’t lose the other loop” or something would’ve made it a lot more obvious. :wink:

Now I’m able to move the yoyo through the strings in slow motion by twisting my hands all around, just to see how the mechanics of it are supposed to work… that’s the last step in getting all the “steps” memorized. I think that last move is going to take a week or more to land properly, though!!