I'm going back to tricks I never learned, and I need help.

so far, I have learned every trick on this website. Thing is, the last two tricks I haven’t cared about for a year, They’re very awkward compared to my style now. I’m talking 'bout seasick and superman. I don’t need nor want to learn them, I just want to be able to say I learned them all.

Main problem is superman.

I can’t quite get the rejection in the middle of the trick. Other than that, I’m fine with this trick.

Seasick problems: I haven’t been able to hop the yoyo very high in the trick. I’ve pretty much learned it, I just want it to look a little smoother.

Seasick was substantially more problematic than Superman for me! What cause Seasick to click for me was when I started popping the yoyo diagonally backwards instead of just “up”. It goes “up” still, but in my mind, my attitude is “shoot it backwards”.

For Superman, I don’t have great advice for the rejection; it has just always worked for me for some reason (even though I can’t consistently Magic Drop!). I put my thumb very wide out from my hand and overall I keep everything “tight”. The string doesn’t have much choice but to reject because when it lands on the target string, there’s a segment pointing almost back towards me instead of off to the side.

Something that has seemed to really do wonders for me on the superman rejection is to try and bring the yoyo as far forward when you reject it as possible.