Supbreh1234's B/S/T!

Welcome, welcome to the 2nd annual BST!

First, my rules:
-You must have 10 or more feedback. I may hold an exception.
-You must have been on the forum for a month
-If your feedback is more than 3 less than mine, you will ship first, and i will ship once you recive the yoyo .
-If your feedback = my feedback or is 2 less or 2 more, we will ship at the same time.

  • If your feedback is 3 or more than mine, i will gladly ship first, unless you dont have pics, or have any negative feedback
    -Cash in mail only please!

Now, my wants list! Each yoyo is rated from 1 to 10, 10 being i want it big time.
-3yo3 Volume 10/10

  • Any kendama, looking to trade one of my cheaper yoyos for a yomega one really. 10/10
    -Generalyo Entheos 8/10
    -Spin dynamics monkey fist 8/10
  • General yo model 10 7/10
    -One drop yelets 7/10
    -Money 10/10


Now what i have:
-EYCC 2012 Catalyst, a couple tiny marks, near mint. a little vibe, relitively smooth. Signed by augie. Offer
-Chicoyoyo design T-bone B grade, ano flaws, mint otherwise. Offer
-Yoyofactory Yukksta, ano marked here and there. Wasted flowable response. Red, a little vibe. Offer

  • Spin Dynamics smoothmove b grade. Nickel. It was almost marketed as an a grade, but nick wasnt comfortable selling it as an a grade. If you are planning to buy it, $70, trades accepted. tinyest vibe. I still cant find the tiny pinprick mark that made it a bgrade.
  • Bronze colored duncan echo, mint, as smooth as other echos ive tried, some vibe. Offer.
  • Near Mint Magic yoyo N5 desperado. Comes with the magic yoyo konkave. quite smooth, offer.
  • Grind machine 2, vibey and pretty beat, but its redeeming factor is it still comes with the OG stickers, they are perfectly on there! :D! Offer, comes with a blue stack and a white stack.
  • Beat orange drifter, offer.
  • Beat blue JK, offer
    -Pink Breast cancer classic, good condition. offer
  • Translucent green Pro Z, unresponsive. Offer
    -Recrev SCLB, Has a pretty terrible pulsating vibe/wobble to it. Marks all over the rims, each one is pretty small though. Offer anything.

Note, i will update the pic later tonight, its a bit outdated.

Free bump link to the pics don’t work

Thats because i just finished editing the updated pics.