sunset trajectory


i just got some sunset trajectories, and i want to make them sleep so i can do around the world. how come they dont sleep? andres sleep, and he can do around the world.

( i am good at 1a, i am just starting 2a)


loosen them a little

(M²) #3

Unscrew them a little and maybe try useing some lube


Widen the gaps. That’s it. Also you could try using %100 poly string for longer sleepers.


How does that make any sense?

You must not have a very good throw. Can I guess that you got into unresponse 1a within a couple months of starting?


i cant unscrew the trajectory!!!

(M²) #7

Thats not good… The axle is probably stuck, try wiggling it back and forth a little.


Just try harder. Or get your parent to help.


Poly string is thinner and less frictionius (new word!) providing slighty longer spin time. You still need a good throw though.