summit or chief?


I know I know, some are going to say summit, some are going to say chief. IVe never tried a chief, yet… Which do you think is more stable, more solid, more floaty, etc. Which do you like more? And why, is it the spin time, the shape, weight,side effects and stuff.
Extra question: do you think the supernova is floaty or solid?

(kclejeune) #2

I’ve used my friends mint chief enough to judge it compared to my mint summit. Although I love the chief, the summit felt more stable and solid. They are both floaty, but the summit plays smoother to me. Plus, it has side effects. Also, the summit is cheaper which is nice as well.


I’ve never tried either, but on a side note, I feel the supernova is floaty. Not as floaty as an 888.