Suicide string big sale big sale

suicide string NOW AVAILABLE here is the low down

Suicide string-

my 100% polyester string is great for suicides and whips it is as soft as a babies bottom
it can be a solid color or either red,black,white,blue,dark blue,yellow,green,orange and i will mix 2 colors any more than that will be a 10 cents charge per color.
it will be $2 dollars for 5 string

can add a cotton thread for 50cents(due to the price of the cotton i got, it is super strong)

my 80/20 percent polyester and nylon is super smooth and is floaty
you can only choose the poly color and only 2 poly colors for this and the nylon is white
it will be $3 for 5 (due to the price of nylon)

my secret string  is 90% poly and 10 percent something secret this is my special thread there will be one of these added to the string and yet again you can only choose the color of the poly and only up too two colors and the secret thread is blueish
it will be 1 dollar per string becuase this secret thread is EXPENSIVE

and i am on crutches right now so it takes me 10 minutes per string so right now it is not really going to be that active but when i get off them i can go with big orders i can only due 5 packs right now mabey 10 packs

here are some of the colors i have made but i can do any combination of colors that you want but you can only go up to two after that it is 10 cents per string color so you can go up to 6 colors
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you can’t really call it slick string becasue that name is already being used, but the name sounds interesting.

no the name sick is but not slick

now thats a pretty cool name, if you need a tester, i’m right here ;D

hmm sounds interesting. i may want a pack of 5 polly nylon string and maybe 2 secret string. just to try it. $5 right?

yes it will be 5 dollars and can you write a reivew? and you will send me the money and upon recieving the money ill ship it out

i cant buy for a few weeks because of finals and projects and other tests. talk to you durring summer though