Suggestions for Wearable YoYo Storage?

Background: So over last Summer I went to some county fairs and festivals with my fledgling yoyo skills and people loved it. Kids, parents, older folks, everybody. I ended up giving away a couple of my beginner plastics to a budding 9-year-old who showed promise.
Next Summer I’m going to do the same thing but I want to be prepared this time.

So my question is, what can y’all recommend for a yoyo storage system that I can either wear or sling for easy access, which leaves both my hands free and unobstructed while I’m playing?

My requirements are as follows:

  1. Must be able to transport at least three of my nicer throws in padded, enclosed comfort, away from scrapes and dirt and grab-n-run attempts by the occasional hoodlum.

  2. Must also be able to transport a half-dozen or so cheap plastics that I can hand over to people to try out. These can all be stored in one large compartment as I don’t care if they knock together.

  3. Must be wearable while I play. I want to be able to play while I stroll so it’s gotta be something like a messenger bag, fanny pack or that vest that Blues Traveler wears for his harmonicas.

  4. Must look good with a fool’s hat. Anything that is obviously a grenade vest, game coat or safari jacket will probably not match with the motif although I’m open to modifying my get-up (within limits) to fit the right yoyo carrier’s aesthetics.

So, with those parameters in mind I’d love suggestions! Particular models or just general ideas for other sports I can cannibalize equipment from are appreciated!



I love my Pacsafe for this. They’re a little more expensive, but it’s worth it because of how secure everything is. The material can’t be cut, either.

I got it orginally for travel to London where pickpocketing and bag slashing are more common. Love that Tube though.

It’s my go to bag now for festivals and stuff. Comfortable, fits all my stuff, peace of mind, fits my style.


I would recommend a Duncan yo-yo bag. I have been using mine for about 4 and a half years !!! It just seems to consistently hold up :grin:. I think it’s a bit superior to the yoyoexpert case because it can hold more yo-yos with a smaller size. And on the inside it has two horizontal padded foam slots (kinda hard to explain sry) that could hold up to 12 (probably slimline) yo-yos so it would be perfect for beginner throws. I’ll post some better pics of mine later :wink:


You could try the unknown essentials bag. It is in stock on yo-yo expert.


Ya, I don’t own one but I agree with @piano_man19, the Unknown Essentials bag looks like it would be perfect for you.


I meant to link the product, but that is above my level of forum intelligence. :upside_down_face:


I always drag my Essential with me to work. They’re really nice, you could easily fit like 6-8 plastics in the main pouch along with your phone and wallet or whatever else you want to carry.


That Essntl bag does look real close to what I need. Question though, how secure are the three internal yoyo pockets? For instance if the bag is zipped shut and hung end-wise or laid on it’s side in the trunk of a car or worn while jogging, can the yoyos work their way out of those pockets and end up loose in the main compartment? It seems like there’s nothing holding them in there except gravity.


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Hopefully someone that owns it can confirm, but to me it looks like there is only 1-2 centimeters clearance from the top of the pouch to the zipper, so if the bag is closed, I feel like the yo-yos will stay put. If you are crafty, you could add elastic Velcro straps to the top of each pouch to be extra secure.

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If your yoyo is average size they fit in the pockets very snug, they’re padded elastic pouches. Anything that’s like 40+mm wide will be a snug fit. It fits even very wide yoyos, though 50mm wide is around the limit, my Galaxy Diver fits well but I don’t think you could squeeze a giga wide yoyo like the Atlas in. Anything below that width will be a loose fit, if you’re wearing the bag like a fanny pack you won’t have to worry about it falling out. But if you’re wearing it cross body or just slung over your shoulder you might have a slimline wiggle out.

Sub 40mm width yoyos are the only things I’ve had wiggle out on me, everything else though is secure. If slimlines are your main jam this might not be the bag for you, for everything else it’s great.


This is what you want. Holds 8 in the front and has a very large inside pocket that could hold 12+ more and/or accessories. Comfortable to wear and seems to be pretty durable.


I used to have a leather bandolier with Tom Kuhn style leather holsters on it. Works great looks good and do I have a fool’s cap for you buddy!

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