YoYo Case/Bag

hey guys. can you post pics of some bags/cases.
id love to see what you guys made

btw any of you guys are interested in making and selling one, id love to buy one.
ive been wanting a case forever!

soft bag with single shoulder strap (no hard ones. sorry; no handles either)
and room for a decent amount of yoyos and two cw holes.
a pouch on the bag for extra strings, bearings, gloves ect.

hey man whats up.

so you see YYE has Yoyo bags for sale on here
heres the link
its actually an epic bag. it has a majority of your requirements. its an awesome bag
(let this be known i do not have one nor have i ever had one, but i have had read up about it. enjoy and tell me what it’s like if you do buy it)

Yes but they are 64.99

Hey, did you get a bag yet? If not PM me or Email, (newtyoyo@gmail.com). I run a small yo-yo club and we make bags and cases to help keep the club going.