sudden responsive yoyo

i know there is already a topic that explain how to fix it but it just didn’t work and i don’t want to buy 2 bearing so here is my story: this morning i was playing with my sage w/ center track and it was unresponsive and then i took the bus to school with it and then to school i throwed it a couple of time and suddenly it became responsive so when i came back home i putted a drip of lube because sometime it work but not this time so i let the yoyo on the table. A bit later my friend came to my place and we made a trade it was a prague popstar for a velocity + 25 $ and the velocity was playing perfect and then half an hour later it became responsive so now i’d like to know if someone may know why it happened ? am i accursed ?

You need to clean your bearings.

Cleaning your bearings may help, yes, but if you’re truly accursed, more drastic measures need to be taken.

How much salt and garlic do you have in your house? Whatever the amount, it’s not enough. Go to the store and buy AT LEAST 30 pounds of Kosher salt (NEEDS to be Kosher-certified) and 10 bales of garlic.

With the ingredients, prepare a bath and let them soak for at least 3 days. This will cause the water molecules to be embedded with exorcism particles on an atomic scale. Take a quick 4 hour soak and you should be good. Try your yoyos out after that.

Oh, yeah I forgot about that method. I’ve heard good things.

Cleaning didn’t do nothing should i go to the grocery store ?

You’re definitely accursed. Sorry.

You have cursed bearings and the only way to fix that is to have a certain amount of cursed bearings. From my understanding you need to have a prime number greater than 4 and they will react to each other and play unresponsive again.

On a side note I have four accursed bearings for sale on my BST…

Only $6.66 each shipped.

Seriously ? advertising yourself ? i’m going to try another bearing and see if it work good and maybe try runing it dry cause maybe i putted to much lube if it don’t work i might consider your offert coffelt

It was a joke. I would clean it and run it dry (I run all mine dry) and while it’s open give it a spin and watch if it reverses direction after it stops. If this occurs you probably have a magnetized bearing.