Successful indoctrination?

I gave my girlfriend a Yo-yo this weekend, a white Duncan Freehand 2010. I used white label paper to make “new” pogs. One side has a heart with our names in it in English, and the other side has a heart with our names in it in Biblical Hebrew. It has fresh silicone stickers in it and gold spacers so that it’s responsive.

We are kept apart by distance, and so she said that she is consoling herself with her Yo-Yo. She says she loves it and is getting better at throwing it straight. She says she successfully walked the dog and returned it! I hope she sticks with it, although I only gave the yo-yo to her as a sort of memento, or belated valentine.

That is such a sweet story. Yo-yoing is a thing that unites people regardless of country, gender, race, and language. No matter the distance the yo-yo touches everybody. We are all connected by the language of the string.

This story of your GF is a great example of this concept.