What’s your favorite school subject? Check the vote above. :smiley:




Well, you could have voted if you like.


Might want to add: History, Foreign Language, Art History, Comp Sci, etc. Kind of limiting right now.


should i call this a “bump” like in bst? or something else?


I wish I could pick two. I couldn’t decide between Language or music.


so, i’m still waiting for an answer…


Don’t have p.e. exactly, but I darn love runnin around do stuff with ma’ chinchiller bros


i’ll just call this a bump.


Dont hate me, but math. I understand it well and everything is a breeze. Easy A. Other than that, it really depends on the teacher. Good teachers make the subject fun. This year, I have the best science ever. Not even kidding. Love science atm.


Yeah, sure. A ‘bump’ is simply "Bringing Up My Post


I had to take a lot of math courses as part of my engineering, but actually learned it in my engineering and science courses where I could see how it all hung together and actually was applied.


Go as far in math as you are able. Don’t believe people who tell you that you will never need algebra. :wink:


I’ll take that as a yes.


Anything relating to biological and cognitive science mainly. I do enjoy my public speaking class too.








Social Sciences are where it’s at, nothing is cooler than being ale to read people through their actions!


I hate you.