Favorite Subject

What is your favorite subject in school. Mine is science.

All of them besides PE…

And I don’t have to take PE in eighth grade. ;D


PE? P.U.

Creative writing!


especially Induction and I enjoyed three spring two mass problems, and I enjoyed some of the random tricks for anti differentiation. Also just figuring out how to use the Kauchi Mean Value Theorem that was a lot of fun.

I like math too. It is just that i don’t like my teacher, but i still have an A in it.

I was in that club once or twice. I got to where I could respect just about every math teacher, but there were some that I didn’t really like.


What does the “P.” and the “U.” stand for?

Physical Education. :stuck_out_tongue:

Digital Imaging/Graphic Design

Creative Writing

American Sign Language.

Political Sciences


High five



Music anyone?

Sure! Along with art.

High five to you too. ;D
Yeah art is ok. My school does not have that many electives. :frowning:

Nap time. Lunch too though…in all seriousness I don’t know how to pick a favorite. I’m enjoying summer and love my free time, but I love learning stuff and a lot of times class is fun. I like that at college there are so many options. I could take fencing if I wanted to.
I love creative writing.
Law is very interesting as are political science and history.
Astronomy was awesome.
Culinary classes were uber fun plus took care of lunch. :smiley: