STYY B-grade???

I know that b- grade can either mean slight vibe or ano defect. But on the page it doesnt say. Im considering buyin a singularity but would like to know.Thanks ;D ;D ;D

Well first I’d recommend writing String Theory. with this B grade question. I have written them with other questions, and the guy’s really open and honest about the product.

I own the Singularity and it is an excellent, excellent yoyo. It has excellent momentum and long spin. It’s compact in size which is perfect for carrying around with you and you can do master level tricks with it. I love it. Grinds, Irg’s, its floaty, it’s fast. Just a superb design.

Whether or not it is a B grade, it will probably perform excellent. I mean when you ding whatever you play now, it’s automatically a B grade, but still performs doesn’t it? I’ve seen yoyos that have dings like swiss cheese on them. So much so I have to ask, what WAS that model?? hehe And the kids are doing masters tricks on it. But do contact String Theory. Always best to go to the source. Good Luck.

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Thanks i figured it out now. ;D