YYF B Grades

Just want to throw out a big thank you to YYE and YYF for putting up some great deals on b grades. I got a superstar, pivot, and a popstar and couldn’t be happier. Both companies provided great service as well, big thanks to all! If you didn’t get any there’s still a bunch on YYE.

PS - if you got one of the Ti b grades and want to unload it PM me

How are you liking the Pivot?
I’m looking at possibly snagging one.

Do it, fun throw and for 20 it’s a steal. I hAve the red one it’s real smooth too. The finish is super matte

I just got a dark blue Pivot after seeing a video with it and how happy the thrower was with one from a previous mystery box. I was a little concerned since it seems they are not going to be made. However, the shape is right up my alley, and this is a super deal for a nice throw, so I pulled the trigger. I feel like it’s not a B Grade for vibe or finish (both were fine on mine), but maybe because they aren’t going to making them apparently??? Mine is smooth and up there with my favorites for playability, so I feel like it was a super score for me. The blast is a little more dry matte, chalk board finish than anything else I have, which can be a preference thing. I actually really like it though. The yoyo is not too ringy like some of the throws that like to speak up when they are thrown. It’s not too organic, not too angle-ish, but just right.

I have a blue and black Superstar Pivot that’ll be here sometime Tuesday. I’ll let you know how it is.

I have read a couple of others report theirs didn’t really seem b-grade also.

I really dig my pivot. It doesn’t have the spin time of some of my other favorite cheap throws like my vosun vanquish (second favorite yoyo of all time) but it feels light, airy, and easily maneuverable. I don’t know how mines a B grade because it seems perfect out of the box. Tis a fun throw and at $20 any who can get one should

I did notice one string strand cut right at the outside edge of the response on my new Pivot. It was just one strand cut, not frayed. I rubbed that area as per the usual recommendation and haven’t had any issues since.