Style Battle #1---Nemyo vs. Proboscis

Style Battle #1:

Nemyo vs. Proboscis



Voting will open up Monday, January 28th. PLEASE DONT VOTE AS COMMENTS IN THE THREAD

Nemyo did such a flawless job on this, he’s an amazing yoyoer and an all around great guy. He’s really young and has a bright future in the yoyoing world. Thank You for participating, You really outdid me, I’m not even surprised either…YOU’VE GOT SERIOUS SKILL! Thanks for battling with me, may the best man (you) win :smiley: Please Please PLEASE go follow Nemyo on Youtube, he produces some killer videos regularly!

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When more new material hits me, i am SO going to take part!

So it’s a just a battle with a mount to start with.

Everyone has their own style, its a given. Not something we add.

Yah dude, Ill give you a holler. You might be next month…But remember, I change the mount/task each time.

I think it would be cool to fit an object into the battles. Like maybe an everyday object like a cup…I don’t know. It’s time forms to think creatively :smiley:

I’m in.

There’s a good chance I’ll enter some time or another. Maybe when the mount changes or something. Sounds fun!

I’m glad people are interested :wink: I would say pm me now to kinda of “register” I guess, I can’t choose everyone. But just let me now via pm that you’re interested and Ill make a list and randomly choose every month :wink:

No you don’t understand. This is for a cool, stylish trick from whatever mount Andrew specifies. Obviously we all have our own style, but he means it differently. There is more than one denotation for the word style, lol

You could assess everyone’s skill an make a bracket that way more people can partake just an idea :slight_smile:

Ooh, that’s a great idea…Ill put that to thought!


I can’t wait for the next!

Next month. I should find another person so we can send them string ASAP. I’m thinking Candy String next <3 Fav.