Stupid Rancid Stupid Milk

I have gone back to this trick a few times.
And I know tricks that are harder.

But that first pop is such a pain!

There’s not enough slack to hit it?! What the what?!

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I never tried this one. Off today and gonna try to learn it. Ill let you know how it goes! haha

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Its a hard trick, check the cabin tutorial for it. It helped me.

May the force be with you!

Thanks yitzman, I’ll check it out!

Edit: The cabin tutorial is a little different, interesting.

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. . . . .5 and a half hours later. . . . .

GOT IT!! Whoooo! We!! that one was alot harder than I thought but I learned alot along the way. Im in no way proficient but I can now work through it with little to no problem. I learned it from the “other place”'s video, Cabin tut was simpler, but more confusing for me. Having him talk me through it was a great help. HD, 0.25x speed, working through it.

First off, Thanks OP for the challenging post! Im glad i read it. What part exactly are you having trouble with?

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That trick is soooooo much fun! Its definitely one of my favorites. Keep working at it, it’s great once you get it. What about the first pop is hard for you?

There’s another tutorial in this link. This is one of my favorite instructional sites. Great music!

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If it took Dust 5 hours then I feel better. It will take me 10 at least :stuck_out_tongue:

I have figured out how to occasionally (50% of the time) to get the strings in the right places for the pops, but I can’t figure out how to make it not look like crap.

There is just no slack in my string so that I can get it to really pop up very high.
Maybe I need longer string, but at some point it gets silly.

Um, doesn’t exist?

Im not really in any position to “give tips” since im still so green into the trick, but ill see what i can see. Are you talking about the first hop where you drop the string from the middle finger to get you in to the Kamakazi type mount?

If so, itll be like kinda how an eli hop hoes. your hands will need to come together just a bit to give enough slack to hit that top string. I miss it alot, still but getting better. Also dont hop straight up, but rather over towards and just over your NTH index.

If thats NOT the part thats trippin you up, give me a time sig on a video to the part thats trippin you.

You can always try a slightly longer string if your feeling too confined. Also slicker string also helps. soft fuzzy string will cling to damp hands making it very hard to collapse together then spread apart when there is so many layers. Just a thought. Washing my hands helped. lol

im just spit ballin here so let me know if i am way off base. :slight_smile:


I’m trying the Kilter 2 today to see if it helps.
I can’t devote a full 5 hours to it :smiley:
But I’m gonna see how it goes!

You have to click the link that says “download” that’s located below the video.

Oooooohhhhh ok thanks!

Also, here is progress so far.
I mostly have the pops down, it just looks like crap.
In other news, this is a terrible video, so watch at your own risk.

Looks good so far for the most part. It gets straight wacky after that part, but once the path is found through it makes sense althought i do end up with an unexpected twist sometimes at the end (the last pluck before exit) that i cant figure out where its happeneg yet so i cant fix it yet, but today is a new day!

Question about your belt buckle. I have a tiny metal belt buckle and my yoyos tend to meet it with the fierceness, sometimes causeing flat spots on my throws. Do you ever have that issue with larger ones?

Yeah, occasionally, but not often.

Most of my throws, it doesn’t really matter anyway since they are already dinged :stuck_out_tongue:

My only advice isn’t very helpful: Try to not hit your belt buckle? :smiley:

I do walk and throw a lot, so maybe that helps?

Ive got holes in severl of my shirts too from the instant burns that happen haha! sometimes i turn it inside out and that helps. It doesnt happen often, but im pretty sure ive hurt my yoyos more by my belt than i ever have from the ground. and by ground i mean grass, carpet or wood floors.

I can get about halfway through the trick but the whole first half feels really lumpy to me. I haven’t put any effort to picking up the rest of the trick yet, maybe I should. It will give me some things to play with from the Houdini mount.

You should! its alot of fun once you figure out what arm goes where and turns which direction.

also gratz on your 2K’th post!

Just wanted to say thanks to OP for posting about this. Ive been drilling this trick for like a week now and really like the flow and direction changes and pops. So many elements. Its like Around the USA with Kendama. its the perfect trick to practice cause its helping so many things along during the sequence. :slight_smile:
Fun Stuff!

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Just started tinkering with this one yesterday. I think once you get to a certain point in skill level, its just time practicing specific moves. I am by no means a pro or even highly skilled in my mind, but i am at the point that when i see moves there isnt much where i can go “how does that happen”. The speed for sure is a major hiccup, but i can see how stuff happens now…