Stuff I'm bringing to chicago contest

Hey thank you for looking at my bst I am hoping to get rid of my lesser used throws. In hops to get some new ones lets start with wants.

CLYW anything including FG
OD markmont next
Square wheels Rockefeller
Square wheels Rex
Yyj theory and surge
Magic yoyo any
If you dont have any of these thats ok no offers will go with out consideration

Check this link to see what I have.

If u want a fast response txt 927-8829
Or pm me for offers
Thank you and have a nice day

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Post pictures dude.


Also with every trade you get a 5 pack of handmade string made by me the only thing I ask is that you give me feedback on the string

Added a supernova and fiesta

Supernova and dingo gone getting fg avalanche soon and a halo

I wanna unload this 888 so bad Iā€™m so excited Iā€™m getting a dark star, and fg avalanche in the next week or so yay