stuff for gm

YoYoFactory Rubber Shuttle Kit for 401k YoYo
are they good?
im just wandering if i should get them for my pgm??
and the Zeekio Yo-Yo Glove
how do you know if it will be too big???
and are they good because i like them;D

You guys probably dont know what im talking about

its called yoyosam

dont wanna get slammed

go on and chek it out

This does not compute. The shuttles are only for the F.A.S.T. yoyo’s like the 401k, PPK, velocity or speed dial. It won’t work on any other yo’s.

Wow. You like making posts for PGM accessarys dont you…

Dont get the shuttle kit… It does’t work on a pgm

The gloves from that site are probably one size fits all but gloves are un-needed unless you move at speeds where string burn will catch your hand on fire… Like Augie or Mickey… So if you want to buy the gloves I cant stop you but I dont reccomend it

I’d like to get some gloves. I’m always having problems with moisture and I really don’t like using baby powder. I also don’t like getting strung burs, even though they happen very rarely. The moisture is really bugging me. I also get very sweaty hands at moments.

You need string, and replacement K-Pads, but those will last a long time.

You can literally make them or buy cheap industrial lab polyester gloves.

Also, if you have a soft annodization, you can wear gloves to protect it from your nails. Thats what I’m doing with my Peak because the yoyo is somewhat responsive when breaking in and it snags back to my hand when I give it slack.

where latex ;D

but when you say one size gloves…
what is that size roughly

and do you get replacement kpads on that site?
and should i maybe just wait and get everythn off yye when green comes in?
ps if anyone knows when a green pgm is coming or came to yye
please, please tell me asap!!
thanks ;D

Im not sure about that site but this site sells K-pads and it wouldn’t hurt to get an extra set if you want to avoid shipping later in life