Stuck on Spirit Bomb, Need a new trick!

Alrighty guys, I’m stuck on spirit bomb. Like TRULY stuck, so, I’m gonna keep practicing as I try a new trick. Any suggestions for a new trick, one that is challenging but not impossible? Maybe one not from YYE. If you can post a tutorial, it would be much appreacieted!

Super thanks,


Please make the title relevant to the topic.

Plan D?

do this trick by gerard amento called organized

If he’s struggling on Spirit Bomb, I don’t know if it’s the best idea to offer one of Gerard’s advanced tricks. You’ll probably have more luck on - they have alot of tutorials for fun, simple tricks. Also, check out Jayyo’s videos on He does alot of the tuts on yoyoskills, but there’s some on his vimeo page that aren’t on the site.

which tricks do you have “on lock” so far?