Stuart White October

This video was more concentrated on how the video went with the music (that’s why there are so many long breaks) than the video itself.  However, feedback of any kind is welcome.

I only have one complaint; you are too far from the camera. Its hard to make out some of the things you are doing, like the slack/whip thing around 0:52 (which I would love to see up close).

Other than that, good video. You have a nice mixture of tech and slack that I enjoy.

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I actually didn’t think much about that. Thanks for pointing it out. (There really isn’t much more to see in that combo, I hardly understand it myself.)

Agreed. Also, I think there were way too many cut outs of you not yoyoing. There was really only like 35-40 seconds of actual yoyoing.

Great tricks though! Hope to see more from you soon!

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As the above said, go closer to the camera, and your golden!

Also, congrats on placing at nationals in both 3a & 4a

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Thanks. Anyone else?

/was hoping to see 4a with a(or 2) classic

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Nice video, but you can also just add in tricks to take up the space where you would have to stop it.

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