“Hey there. Have you tried Strizangz yet?”
“Strizangz? What are those?”
“Oh. My. Goodness. They are only the newest and coolest strings out there!”
“Wow that’s amazing! I’m going to go buy some now!”
Ok sorry. That was supposed to be like one of those really corny commercials. :stuck_out_tongue:

Billy Mays schpealling Billy Mays here with my new product, Strizangz. Strizangz are a personal creation of mine. Using patented technology and years of testing, I have come up with the most powerful strings yet. They will revolutionize the string world. Strings like this would normally cost you up to $100 dollars a string. However, you can pick your very own Strizangz today for much less. Not $100, not $20, not even $5. You can get these things for 4 payments of $1.25! (Payable as one payment or one payment). /Billy Mays schpealling.

In all seriousness, I have started making string. They have been named Strizangz. Several people have tested them, so I will let them inform you all on how they are. They are about 70% polyester, 30% cotton. There also might be some 100% polyester ones in the making, but maybe not.

There are now 3 thicknesses for Strizangz!

The classic Strizangz come in the thin version. They come in colors of orange, black, white, blue, green, and yellow. You can also get two colors mixed if you want. These will cost $3 for a 5 pack, one 5 pack per order please.

There are now normal thickness ones, which are in between the classic and thick versions. These come in the same colors and can also be mixed and will be $3 for a 5 pack, one per order.

There is also the thick version. I have been told that these things are massive, thicker than many other types of string. They come in the same colors and can still be mixed. These will be $3.50 for a 5 pack, also one 5 pack per order please.

Also, if you want a totally different color, it can be done for 50 cents more, but then will be added to the list for future purchases.

Any questions, send me a PM. Also, PM me for orders.

Some artwork by JM the great.

Facepalm That wasnt Billy May…add this in the beggining:

Billy Mays here with my new product, strizangz!

I can tell you that these strings are amazing. They are rough, softer than angel hair but still rougher than poly. The do soften up and are amazing at whips, slacks, and anything you throw at 'em. The poly ones will be called STROZANGZZZZZ, we replaces the “I” with a “O” and added 5 “Z’s” at the end.

Changed. :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course that’s Shisaki’s silliness talking. Probably not going to be named that.

Billy Mays is dead… :’(


Too soon Brian… Too soon.

I’ll order some at some point ^^

Testers, please give your thoughts on them.

I was a “wildcard” tester, if you will, and let me say that these strings are superb.

They are an attractive and very thin string. Whilst they have zero to very little bounce, they hold tension like a champ.

Whips, suicides, and lacerations seem to be on the forefront of everyone’s wishlist for great strings. Every throw, every trick, these strings make great big loops that are very easy to catch.

Highly recommend.

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Yo, my brutha, I wantz to try some o dem strizangs fo my yosizzle madizzle kizzle fizzle mabizzle yo.

you take paypalizzle?

I mean to pmizzle that last post. izzle.

I got a slightly broken in piece when I traded my K-OS Extreme for a X-Convict to Brian. The string just flies through the air. Incredible whips, and great suicides.

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These strings are great if you can stand rough strings. Even after breaking in and “softening up” they still feel rougher then brand new highlights. As everyone else has said these strings are great for whips and slacks and suicides, etc…

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Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, Brian. Anyways, These strings are amazing! As everyone else said, they are unbelievable for suicides, slacks, whips, etc. And as Shisaki said, they are a little rough. But once you break them in they are perfect. I did have one complaint, though… that they were too thin for my liking. And Brian, being the awesome guy that he is, decided to fix that. Now you can get them in thin or thick! He also makes them extra long ( at least he did for the testers ) for those of you who like long strings or for those of you who like to cut them. Overall, these are great strings and are worth every penny. Thanks Brian for making some awesome string!

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Just got some yesterday. All the hype about whips, lacerations, and suicides is true. This is a very tightly wound string that gives the feeling like it will last forever. They’re almost stiff to start with but once you throw 'em for a bit they’re fantastic.

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Updated! Classic, normal, and thick types now!