stripped yoyo :(


one side of my superwide stripped on me today and I don’t know what to do :confused:
anybody know what I should do?

(WildCat23) #2

Send it to Landon Balk.


what does it mean for a yoyo to be stripped?

(WildCat23) #4

It doesn’t screw together. The threads disappeared.


Maybe teflon tape would help? Im not sure if that is the correct application of that tape.

(yoyo jake) #6

you have to get it retapped, send it to a pro modder to do so

(George Wollaston) #7

There is a list of trustworthy modders here. I’ve seen that some of them aren’t actually active any more but I’m sure you can find somebody on that list to retap your Superwide. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

(Cinimod105) #8

Is it the axle, or the yoyo?