Stripped threads?!? help


I wamed my YYF proton into the ground the other day and the threads are like gone.
What do i i do.

(2Sick Joey) #2

Get a new yoyo…especially one that wont strip from being hit off the ground.


The threads aren’t gone because you hit the yoyo on the ground…


Buy a YYF Whip


I think id know what happend. i unscrewed it and pieces of the threading came out on the axle.


Your only choices are to have the yoyo re-tapped(which may still result in a vibey yoyo due to you whamming that hard into the ground you caused that much damage) or buying a replacement.

I would say adjust your string length and try to play over carpets or lawns. I’d recommend this bit of advice to players at ALL levels of play.


If you are still at the point where you are slamming your Yo-yo to the ground, you aren’t ready for a 100 dollar yo-yo.


Stuff happens. :wink: