Which type of string is better? Vote and explain why.

It really depends on personal preference. Usually, 100% Polyester is more popular, but there are also the same amount of people who like 50/50. As I stated, it depends on what you like.

I prefer 50/50

It’s mostly preference, though I think the majority of players like polyester more, because it lasts longer and almost never breakes.
I like poly - YYN Highlights.

As everyone has said, its all opinion.

I prefer 50/50 type 6 standard white strings.
They slide through my hands better, stay open better for whips and suicides, it just is the string for me, other like Polys much more but I never liked them, they have a thick snaggy feeling to me, and I just cant use them without getting distracted or being uncomfortable.

Trying both types usually helps you choose what string is the best for you.


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