lol does anyone know how to make type 9 strings?

And can someone like Jeromy explain how to make patterns and stuff when making strings? Thanks!


I belive you would need a rig of another kind to make a 3-stranded string. Or maybe not. Jeromy get in here and answer. NOW.
Here is my rig, I made two of them 3 years ago and they are still perfect. They’re made from a paperclip. I sharpened the ends to stick under my carpet. The 3 prongs are where I loop the strings between the 2 rigs, going in the direction my finger is pointing. After looping 2 times on each prong, combine the 3 loops on one end and wind away.
i like to wind with a cordless drill, so its more controlled and consistent. A dremel is very nice but kind of fast and your string can come out too tight. Also, shhh its my secret, I wind each loop individually for 3 secs and rehook them to the prong while I do the rest. Prewinding a little has always delivered me a beautiful design as well as a sturdier more playful string. Experimentation is key.