Strings for 4a?


Ok, so after meeting and watching Ben Conde (very cool kid) at MA States, I find myself suddenly interested in 4a. Not enough to go crazy…but I’d like to learn a thing or two.

That said, I’ll prolly go with a YYJ Fiesta XX. The thing I can’t figure, however, it what kind of strings to use. I watched Ben and Andre’s online tutorials, and searched the web…but didn’t come across anything. So…is it regular poly? Slick 6? How about length? I really have no idea.

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I’m new to 4A as well. I have been using Kitty String Normal, and I have had no problem.


I’ve had best luck with polyester string. I used slick 6 and even cotton and found it extremely grabby when using my Hayabusa.


I have been doing the same. Good all around string for anything


Use whatever you want. If you’re using 100% poly for 1A, it’s good enough for 4A. That’s what I use, YYE bulk 100% poly.


I use my type 1 string, just reglar poly.


Ok, coolio.

I had a feeling that the answer was so obvious that no one bothered to mention it elsewhere. But I just wanted to make sure. I’ve been doing this largely in isolation (as I’m sure many of you are.) MA States was a bit of a revelation. The only people I’d seen bind in person before then were myself and my young neighbor who learned with me. :slight_smile:

I’d like to say that this whole thing is making me feel like a kid again…but I couldn’t afford any of this stuff when I was a kid. :smiley: So you young folks with parents who are able to help support your hobby with both encouragement and $, give them a big hug. They deserve it.

Thanks folks!
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Picking the strings is the easy part. Changing strings on a 4a yoyo confuses me to this day.

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I use type 8 poly strings. Little easier to bind on wider gapped 4a yoyos.