4a Set up

Hey people of YYE,

So I wanted to get into 4A, and had a few simple questions…

What kind of string is the “best”? (Poly, 50/50, cotton)
What is the recommended string length?
What does the size difference in multiple 4a Yo-Yos affect? (I have a hayabusa and a windforce, and the size difference is almost 20mm diameter. Why is there such a huge variance?)


String type and length is all about preferences. I find default YYE 100% poly works fine for length and type.

Size? It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it, right? The Hayabusa I find to be too squashy. I like the Fiesta XX myself. The Go Big is nice too. I find the different sizes help with catch zone but also weight distribution. I find the larger ones with more flare tend to have the weight spread out better, but they all seem center heavy. It’s like, get the weight to the core area, then flare it out for additional stability and larger catch zones.

I’d like to point out the default YYE string length varies. They can vary by almost 2 inches. Also, I;m aware it’s preference, but that’s why I asked for a recommended string length to get me started

Whatever you use for 1A is sufficient as far as length is concerned. But, due to the fact that the yoyo is not attached to the yoyo, you may want to spend more time experimenting with string length.

The difference between the sizes is because some are for more technical tricks. Some are wider so it is easier to land whips

Buy a crucial Milkshake. Perfect size.

For string I use regular poly the length I go a bit shorter then what I use in 1A but I play with a long string. The bigger yoyos are obviously easier to catch when your starting out. Some people like the smaller ones for more technical tricks but I think somewhere in the middle is best for me. I love the gobig. Wide for catches and whips but not too big. It’s a fun 4A yoyo.

What exactly qualifies for technical in 4a?

Watch Bryan Figueroa. He’s more of a technical type player in my observation. Watching him perform at CalStates was really amazing.

Ben Conde brings the show back to 4A. Great player too, but not always quite as technical.