Strings :D

So got my girlfriend into yo-yoing and she’s learning at a pretty consistent pace
(she watched me do a trapeze and his brother and got that one trick down with a bunch of front mount stuff in less time than I did :[). She said she’d consider to continue to yoyo if and only if I got her string that was teal-ish.

So anybody have any suggestions or know of any string thats teal?

Links would be appreciated :smiley:

Twisted actually has a teal glow string but the other stuff they do is pretty close:

Maybe some of the stuff from yoyo string lab which has mixed colors that come close:

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This is how it starts… soon she’ll be all “The only way I’ll continue yoyoing is if you buy me no less than 6 Draupnirs.”

Burn your wallet. It’s the only way.

At least the focus is on yoyos and not a ring! Lol. Keep it that way as long as possible.

Update: I didn’t get her string LOL I got myself string whoops

But I’m gonna surprise her with a yoyo or something
Looking into a C3 Halo

Should look at the paul han onestar since the color is close to teal

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Onestars are soooooooooo good.

How about a teal shutter? If she can bind already at least.

Yeah, I’ve got an aqua shutter on the way to my house, in the pictures it looked kinda teal so it’s close. haha.

I think it looks cool. Let me know when you get it and how it plays? I’ve been thinking of getting one but I haven’t decided yet.

I can already tell you. It’s a beast. This is the second I will have owned. I originally had a black one, sold it because I just hadn’t thrown it since I picked up my Cypher in a trade. The day after I mailed it, I bought another because I missed it. So, if you think you’ll like it, you’ll like it. If you think you won’t like it, you’ll probably still like it. As long as you don’t hate h shapes.

I love h shapes. And I think it looks so sick. Thanks for the info. I wanna get the aqua razor one. I think it looks the best. But you should pm me sometime and we can talk yoyo. :smile:

Teal shutter and some baby pink kitty string would look great in my opinion. :smile:

But thats barely teal guys cmon LOL

But it’s blue. Like. Light blue. Tell her to deal with it.

Or I can get myself a gold shutter :smiley:
and she can bite the dust

Lmao. I wouldn’t get a gold one. I definitely like the aqua more.

I lolled. You sir, are a man after me’ own heart. :smiley:

At the end of the day, if she’s demanding a specific colour of yoyo or string in order to continue throwing, she’s never going to keep it up. If she cared about it that much she would go out and hunt for her own teal yoyo.

I think you should buy yourself a new yoyo instead. A non-teal one. ;D

But teal looks sick. And I lolled as well.

No she’s really interested in yo-yoing, it’s just that when she watches me progress so quickly she gets discouraged how she pales in comparison. She does however still continue and its fun watching her learn cause I can sort of help.

I’ve been yo-yoing for 2 and a half weeks
And I’m halfway through advance 2 on this trick list.
I’m not going any further because I’m trying to smooth out the other tricks but I do keep in mind whatever else there is for me to continue to progress.

I’m rather limited with my magic yoyo’s and I’m running out of string because I end up with a lot of knots that I can’t get out. LOL

But yeah I’m probably gonna pick up some goodies over the week and this weekend.

Gold Shutter and Horizon are on the list
Might be getting a decent trade over the weekend