Strings: A Documentary

anyone else want to see this movie finished?

i really want to see this movie being made.  it is good, funny, and it will further the yoyoing “boom.”

CLYW is donating $5 for every fools gold sasquach apparently.  some other companies should do this.

Yeah i do, i wanted to watch bound (which did get finished) but i wasn’t able to find a copy for sale anywhere.

Note that you can also donate yourself. Any amount helps - they have currently collected around 35% of what they need to release it!


darn, i swear i was going to post the same thing when i saw that sneak peak in lol


Let it be released NOW!

According to one of their videos, it should be done in September. :frowning:

Unfortunately, there’s no more Fool’s Golds. :frowning:

I’m donating anyways. Psh.

i am going to donate myself once my bank account is finally opened. they say it takes two weeks but it isn’t true.


Jensen Kimmitt won

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why must you do these things. :’(

If I had any money I would donate it all to this movie. It looks amazing!

Because Q is a big jerk face like that…but we all still love him!

How do you even know?
The movie has not even been released yet!

Yeah, I’m really excited for this movie too. I really want this to get finished. I really have good hope for them. I think this is really great. Does anyone know if this is going to be released in theaters though? That’s what I really want to know, because that will really make a big difference for new yoyoers coming in.

Have you seen the points, he won by alot!!!



Oh man, that’s too bad. That would be awesome if that happened.

That would be the worst thing that would happen. I bet nobody would watch it, except us yoyoers. ;D

and the friends we drag along