Stringmaking & yoyos: A deep well of a hobby

(Mk1 Yoyos) #22

This is an example staged with one wrap.

After you lay out all the threads you drop them off the center hook and spin them all together as usual.

(Ronald) #23

That’s what I thought thank you much!!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #24

Post pics when you’re done!

(Ronald) #25

Will do ima do a purple and white

(Ronald) #26

Probably a wooly/tri blend

(InvaderDust) #27

Strings are just as important as the yoyo. Im glad others make them and share and explore the journey of twisting threads. <3

(Mk1 Yoyos) #28

Recent strings. This is still so much fun.

(ZAC) #29

The orange and green remind me of the ninja turtles. I dig it.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #30

Bundling them up is a lot of fun.