Where can I get yoyo strings (like 5-10 pack) from a site that just makes yoyo strings? (I just like companies that makes a specific item. I don’t like multiple item stores much. (sometimes, lol).

well you can just buy it from this website its the same thing as fromm just string websites if you need more ill pm you

Or you can buy my string lol, get g string if you want something like that


We sell custom strings in 10 and 20 packs. We have free shipping and right now we are giving away one free string with every order! We have about 9 colors right now and we are constantly adding new ones. If you have any questions you can email me or just send me a PM.

Here’s the website:

Why does it matter that they only sell string or not? If you have 100 poly at one site and 100 poly at another, it’s the same thing.

i sell string. my colors are black,gold,purple,blue,and red. i can combine multiple colors for custom orders. i charge 5$ for10. its decent string and very soft.

Maybe because he wants to buy string from someone who specializes in strings not just a yoyo store. Or he wants custom strings.

Ok but does that mean if, say, Gator Floss (when it was being made) was sold to here so André could sell them from here, would that make him not want to buy it? (I’m just wondering.)

Good question ;D. I guess we can just assume he wants custom strings from a small string retailer.

Besides those have been mentioned here, there is always G-String.