String Theory Quark FS/FT. Want a Grind Machine!!

Looking to get rid of my STYY quark. It’s a decent throw, undersized but packs a punch. Great for grinds, especially thumb. The inner lip really holds your thumb in place, I used this yoyo to master my thumb grinds. I just don’t use it anymore and I like switching things up. It does have some ano flaws but no major damage. No dings or scrapes and nothing you can feel. I recently put new flow able in and cleaned the bearing so this is ready to go.

Not looking for anything in particular, just looking for something different.

Nobody wants this??


I’ll take just about anything at this point


Someone take my Quark.

How much do you want for this?

I will trade my Hspin pyro for the quark , it is in pretty good condition and is a smooth throw still , it just needs new response pads then it is good to go

I paid $120 for the pyro so it Is also an amazing quality yoyo


You want a grind machine?

Please archive this thread, the quark has been sold