For Trade come take a look Really want 09 Severe and Grind Machine 2!

Recently picked up yoyoing again and I want to trade some of my throws for some new ones.
Peak (one that’s not gonna cost me a arm and a leg…)
*Chief (Mischief or Solid colors only. FG accepted)
Gnarwhal 1 ( black with pink speckles only)
Other fools golds


  • 09 Severe (must be capped no exceptions)
  • Grind Machine 2 Green 1st run preferred but hmu anyway
    Super wide
    Old G5
    basically any rare piece of yyf history I know it a long shot but I would trade big for a grind mutant 2.

Juvenile Offender
werrd Fruiture?
go big

Here we go

Heavy Hitter 1: Newest version. Solid blue.1 or 2 small scuffs and Tiny vibe doesn’t affect play at all. Gonna have to give me a good offer for this one.

G Squared Triton: Not sure what the colorway is called. Couple scuffs. Dead smooth. Would probably trade straight up for a 09 severe.

CLYW Yeti: Khaki colorway. No stickers. Slight vibe and wobble (I’ve tried tuning it out and almost got it out. Doesn’t affect play great player.
Traded for 2010 Genesis

YYF shutter: 1 deep mark and a couple scuffs. Pretty smooth best new YYF in my opinion.

3yo3 Capella: small pocket yoyo. Not bad for carrying around. Will probably be a deal sweetner.

Thanks for your time guys hmu with offers!

Bump bring me those severes ;D