String Theory: From Mach Whip....

I’ve heard that Mach Whip is an important mount, but what can you do from it?

Currently, I can get into it two ways (the normal way, where I have both index fingers pointing out, and another way where I have my TH index finger pointing in).

I know two things that I can do after i’m in this mount:

  1. Hop out and do a gyroscopic flop
  2. Roll out like at the end of Lotus Bloom (using the last configuration with the TH index finger in)

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

You can do the red glover pop, leaving you in the Houdini mount. I learned it from the trick “Vector” by raytsh. Its right at the start.

Good luck!

Check out mickeys speed combo on YouTube. Great elements from that mount.

Also: you can roll back into Houdini and from Houdini rolling into Mach mount and or 1/2 mount.

It’s all about the roll.