String Tension Check


Hey everyone,
I was just curious as to how you all check your string tension. If I notice certain tricks aren’t going through the way they should, and I think my tension is a little off, I’ll throw a Jade Whip and watch the slack in the air to see if it’s spaghetti’d or not. I’d like to hear how you find if your string’s whacked out.


Pinch and hold two of the sections of string together.


I look at the piece of string next to my hand and depends if it looks tight or loose




You can watch just about any amateur yoyo video on YouTube to learn how to check yoyo tension. The opening clip is usually of the person checking their string tension. :stuck_out_tongue:

They throw the yoyo down, grab the string about an inch or two away from the yoyo, and bring their hands close together. If the string twists on itself, you need to adjust the tension so the “twisties” go away.

I use the same method from time to time. I also know to adjust tension when some of my tricks fail at a certain point because the twists up when the string need to be… Well… Not twisty!!


Well I know that you can simply bring your hands together while holding the string, I was just wondering if anyone had little ways to check tension with a trick involved or anythin, I guess slack tricks are the only way I have been able to really check tension. The beginning slack of Gondola can tell a lot about string tension as well. Usually if I’m not hitting a Brent Stole easy it’s a sign I’ve got some twisty :stuck_out_tongue: Or if the throw get grabby on multiple string layers/wraps its time to relieve some tension.


same here. I take it off my finger to release the tension.