String recommendation for a 90's era SuperYo Samurai

This could actually be a recommendation for lots of throws from that time-period.

Looking for your thoughts on the ‘best’ string for these old throws, especially now that we have so many types of string that were not available back then.

By ‘best,’ I mean string that allows for maximum spin times/trick before the response (starburst and/or o-ring) causes the yoyo to either return, or slow down too much, in these older yoyos.

I’ve tried a few strings, and to my surprise, cotton fared better than poly. But there’s lots out there, and wanted some other thoughts/thinking.

Thanks in advance ~

On my '90’s bearingized yoyos I use 100% poly. On fixed axle use cotton.

Given that slick 6/8 was the string of the time, why not try some of that.

That response is so ‘bad’, it is Chilling, lol

The OP asked for ‘best string for maximum spin times’ etc. with all the modern string formulas out today; suggesting he use string technology as ‘old’ as his yoyos, is of little value.

But then again, the OP Titles the thread, asking about best string for a Super-Yo Samirai; and then talks about yoyos with 'starbursts and/or orings? < The Samurai having neither. The Samurai cannot really be grouped with other 90’s era yoyos; when it comes to most mod suggestions. It is pretty much in ‘its’ own group of one. The Samurai has odd, sticky, light colored, very thin, surface mount pads; that were never used again on any Yoyo models from any Yoyo maker on Earth.

The Samurai is one of the neatest but oddest yoyos ever made(in my opinion). It is pretty much a Masterpiece of machine work(especially at the time). The fit and finish is/was outstanding. It is probably the most comfortable feeling Yoyo I have touched. But considering waaaay back then; they sold for over 120 bucks; and played no better than a Super-Yo Renegade($15 dollar yoyo); it was one of the very worst deals of the day, haha.

Even back when I was pretty much a Modding machine; I didn’t even care to bother doing any tweaks to Samurais. The yoyos are wafer thin and the caps are precisely pressed in. And the brake pad area is much too thin to even cut into.

It was what it was and still is what it is. A great looking Yoyo for a display case, regardless.

I would try thin Kitty string…

On most other 90’s yoyos; the 100 percent poly(as already suggested) is a good bet. Nothing fluffy or ‘thick’ though. Remember; most of the 90’s stuff had much smaller gaps. And that was mainly due to the fact that in the 90’s; finding a Yoyo with a ‘C’ size bearing; was like finding a Pro Hockey Player with Real front Teeth.
Something like that…


Yoyodoc brings up an excellent point, and one that I should have taken note of - he’s absolutely right, the Samurai does use a kind of white brake pad. I noted that last night in playing with various strings I had obtained from friends. It had simply been unused for a number of months, and I ended up grouping it in with other throws.

So, my bad, there. ;D

Last night, using strings obtained from friends, I tried a thin cotton string, and Slim Kitty string, standard green poly (as came with my Plastic Grind Machine), and some multi-colored Slick 6. The cotton definitely road things out better/longer than the others.

I may try taking off 1 or both pads, do some experimenting.

I do appreciate the input.

Would there be any chance that those are still sold in some places?

You might find one on ebay, or possibly the BST