Best type of string to use for old Coke Yoyo?

Hi guys,

What’s the best (strongest) string to use for an old Coke Yoyo? Did these things use to have 100% cotton strings?



I’d go with either 100% cotton or 50/50(being 50% cotton 50% polyester). Hope this helps!

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Yes they would have been 100% cotton - I remember the Coke Spinners promotion (in the UK) from the late 80s and the travelling demonstrators would rub candle wax on their strings. 50/50 would probably last longer but remember these had a rough wooden axle and will burn through the string in no time.

Chimera!!! Long time! Hope you’re doing well.

Anyway yeah I’d prob go with slick 8 (or cotton 8), but you never know with those old Coke axles. I assume it’s a Russell? If you can get it dialed they’re a lot of fun.

Hey Ed :slight_smile: It’s good to be back after taking a long break, yo-yoing is fun again and I have the desire to work on the Museum site.

I use cotton on Russells (which is what I’m assuming this is), and don’t have much trouble landing hooks and grinds with a fresh string. Once the string has lost some stretch, loops and regens are a breeze. Great yoyos - the most consistent response I’ve come across, such a smooth action.

Second to that, I remember playing with a promotional Fanta yoyo, a russel yoyo, had to wax the string to get a better spin time. but I usually wax just the end of the string where the axle go.

That when I’m on middle school though, good time.