String question..


-What type of thread used when making a string perfect for 1A,

-do you make the string fold&fold it all over again and when it is thick, you will gonna drill it am i right? :slight_smile:


-any kind of sewing thread will do , try experimenting with different brands to see whats good for your taste :wink:

-try getting a rubber band, put it in your thumb and index finger, stretch it apart, now u get something like a tall but slim 0 in a horizontal position. Thats what you need to make your string using some nails (thumb and index) and the thread (rubber band) , just try tieing (spelling?) the thread to one end of the nail then go to the other end with the thread then go under the nail to go bak to the nail you first started.

Just go from one end to another until u liked it
the more the thread you put, the more it becomes thicker
so when your done just tie again the thread to the nail that you first started.
and yes,u will need to use a drill or any kind of device that spins ( I dont use a drill, I just made a home made twisting device)

You would need to make the rig double times the size you want to make your string plus some allowance for the twisting

another P.S.