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I have been playing around with lots of different string and i cant seem to find the match , fat kitty is nice length but gives burns and is bad of whips and slacks , ammo is great but too thick , i cant find a good match , i like softer ( at least enough to not burn you) , great tension , thin , good for slacks whips and lacerations , with a lengths like kitty . I want to pick up some big yoyo string but havent had the time . Please help me thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Something’s always gotta give. If you want thin but good at whips, you either need dense material that isn’t always the softest, or you need more twists (to up the string density), which will mean it manages tension less well.

There’s also the trade-off between soft and big open slack loops. Slack loops work great with a slightly stiffer string. And slightly stiffer strings are-- you guessed it-- usually a bit rougher!

There’s no “holy grail” of string as far as I can tell. If you want a compromise and want a fantastic all-arounder, there’s the Kitty strings you’ve already tried. Something similar but softer and a touch better at whips? Unknown Strings “Jackalopes” would fit the bill, but the slack loops aren’t their strongest point.

I think before anyone can give you a “real” recommendation, you might want to select a criteria that’s lower on the priority. Like, “I can live with it if it’s a bit rough” (BYYS Type 3!) or “It’s gotta be soft, but I can live without big slack loops.”

wow thanks for taking the time to write that im truly thankful your a awesome man , than you for the great help i will greatly consider your reccomendations

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if you like AMMO but find it too thick, maybe try Type X it’s not quite as soft but it’s much thinner IMO and I just LOVE it

Type X is great stuff! Handles tension fairly well (not the best in the world, but not awful!), lasts longer than Kitty, and has beautiful slack loops for a soft string! It does not have fast whips, but depending on the kinds of whips you do, this might not be a bad thing.

yea i was thinking about it, im trying to learn hipster whips and with a new kitty string it really hard so i need something that will accommodate to that style cuz thats really how i play

FWIW, Alexis JV (who absolutely murders hipster whips!) just uses standard neon yellow poly.

hmmm ill look into it thanks!

You’re not trying enough string.

I find YoYoStringLabs Type X to be an ideal fit for me, with Twisted Strings Trixtra being 2nd. Right amount of bounce, stretch, stiffness yet softness, no too thick, but is on the thicker side of things.

Regardless of anyone’s recommendations, try as much string as you can before you buy a large quantity of it.

I would suggest Toxic String Yellow Jackets. They’ve seemed to be the best all arounder for me. Not too thick, gets a little softer with play, but retains its other qualities to the grave.

Snakes are nice, a little thinner and more rough, but faster for whips and slacks.

Great Whites are also really good, but are softer and slower for whips and slacks.

Have you checked out the Toxic Strings sampler? I cannot speak enough about their strings; they cover just about everything you may want. They certainly do for me. :slight_smile:

thank you very much i will get the sampler asap

Yellow Jackets are one of my favourite strings for sure. I have tried so many strings that making a comprehensive list of recommendations would be unpossible! The Yellow Jackets ARE a bit thicker than standard poly, though. Only trying it out will tell you if it’s “too” thick or not.

I will buy some as soon as possible im a bit bummed that they are out of the sampler but ill just pick up individual packs

The holy grail string is Logi’s NYLON Epic Strings. It’s nylon, so of course it whips well and can hold big slack loops. Somehow it’s really soft too, I dont know why, it just is. Like… the softest strings I’ve ever tried… Like… way softer than YYSL AMMO. And since nylon whips and holds slacks so darn well you can afford to make it a little thinner. And that’s exactly what Logi did. He made the string thin. And yet it still whips and hold slacks better than AMMO. It’s like nylon kitty on steroids, but softer!

where can i get it?

pm logi, he makes them.;u=22570

$6 a pack of 10, only comes in white.