String confusion


With the growing amount of string types out there I am curious as to which one I will like best.

Here’s the topic: I put a string of such and such brand on such and such yoyo. Well, a week later I decide that I like or dislike said string, but now I don’t remember which it is. Does anyone have a methodology of string testing?


Simple. Write the string brand down, not too hard.


Well, You’d be best off to write down the yoyo and string pair that you’er using and keep it somewhere safe.

I know when I’m testing a whole bunch of different versions of the same string, it can be extremely difficult to remember the exact material I used and the exact tension I used while making it. Especially when the string plays great…

As for finding what kind of string it is after a week, check out the areas near the slip knot, as that tends to be the least worn down part of the string. Compare this area to a brand new string, and you should be able to match them up from the color and texture.


Myself, being the string connoisseur that I am, can touch a string, maybe inspect it for like 5 seconds, and be able to tell you what kind of string it is. I love strings, and can tell by the threads and how it feels what kind it is.

But for you, just write it down